Types of Judges: Annual & Active

IMC provides the judges for the Interactive Media Awards (IMA). All judges are carefully selected and held to the highest standards of fairness, integrity, and overall professionalism. They use expertly crafted, proprietary judging systems developed by IMC.

There are two types of judges: Annual and Active.

Annual Judges

Annual judges participate in IMA annual surveys. These surveys determine IMA top ten honors, such as the Top 10 Websites of the Year, which is among the industry's most coveted and prestigious award. All IMC members serve as annual judges. Surveys are conducted every March/April.

Active Judges

Active judges evaluate the entries that come in on a daily basis. These highly skilled web professionals perform the most challenging and important work: the comprehensive evaluations that determine “Best In Class” and “Outstanding Achievement” award winners. In addition to having the relevant expertise and professional background necessary to serve in this capacity, IMC requires all active judges to undergo a two-week training course to learn our judging systems. Active judges are selected by IMC.

Becoming a Judge

Serving as a judge is by invitation only. If you would like to submit your name for consideration please complete our new member nomination form.